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Burst Your Bubble launches new research for DCM at their annual upfronts

July 4th 2024

Andrew presented our new research study for DCM at their annual upfronts at the Odeon in Leicester Square. The Cultural Power of Cinema showcases the cultural and commercial power of cinema. Using a mixed approach of quantitative and qualitative research, the study reveals a lack of togetherness in society and a strong feeling of isolation. 


Using frameworks form social psychology, the study found that cinema reduces the individualistic view of others people and drives feelings of closeness to others. DCM also used our proprietary Signal framework to measure the effectiveness of cinema advertising for both cultural and commercial impact. Across a number of brands and categories, cinema advertising delivers a holistic set of effects driving perception of a brand being community orientated whilst significantly impacting on common knowledge and fitness signals. 

Speaking to The Media Leader about the research, Jonathan Chambers, Director at Generation Media, said describing cinema as the original social media was a "powerful message" to try to land with agencies and brands. In addition, the growing social isolation and the power of connection was a "strong angle" that "should resonate with what brands are looking to achieve". 

You can download the research here.

There is also in-depth coverage of the research in The Media Leader

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