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Meet the team

Hi! We're Ian and Andrew – ‘Burst Your Bubble’ is born out of the fascinating journey we've been on exploring the culture of marketing and supporting people in realising the full potential of their ideas. 

Our award-winning research has shown that everyone has bubbles. Now, it’s what we do about it that counts. Burst Your Bubble isn't about changing anyone’s values or beliefs, it's about helping everyone to embrace diverse worldviews. We're excited to work with marketers and businesses who want to join us on this journey and change marketing for the better.

Ian Murray


Ian's diverse career spans roles in academia, the third sector and tech start-ups. His leadership roles in the research industry include Managing Director at Hall & Partners (Europe) and Executive Partner at HPI (now Sevanta). In 2014 he co-founded house51, a multi-award winning behavioural insights consultancy specialising in thought leadership for brands and media owners including Linkedin, Reach, McDonald's and ITV. Ian also writes a regular column for WARC. 
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Andrew Tenzer


Andrew is an award winning insight and brand strategist with over 15 years' experience working at some of the world's most iconic brands including Channel 4 and the BBC. Most recently, he spent six years as the Director of Marketing Insight and Brand Strategy at Reach where he was responsible for delivering insight, driving brand strategy and leading on new brand launches. Andrew also writes a regular column for Marketing Week. 
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