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The marketing cultural cycle

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Perspective taking

In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, the ability to perceive situations and understand concepts from alternative and diverse points of view is a business-critical skill.

But, marketing is in a bubble. Our award-winning research has shown that marketing remains an elitist and culturally homogenous industry that insists on seeing the rest of the world as we see ourselves.

Initiatives to address the lack of demographic diversity and fairness in our industry are finally gathering the requisite support and momentum. But at Burst Your Bubble we believe we need to go further.  Much further. And much deeper.

Taking a cross cultural perspective, designed to support and complement your business’s diversity and inclusion activities, our approach builds on our work in ‘The Empathy Delusion’ and the latest scientific evidence from disciplines including psychology and management science to focus on enabling 6 key facets of open thinking to thrive in your business:

  • openness to multiple perspectives

  • openness to new learning and sources of information

  • openness to new collaborations

  • openness to sharing

  • openness to change

  • and openness to diversity and inclusion


We enable your teams to critically engage across the marketing cultural cycle. Empowering them to identify opportunities to open up industry thinking and address the gaps in cultural understanding that threaten to undermine business effectiveness, and compromise our industry’s contribution to social and ecological transformation. 

Learning outcomes


The workshop will enable participants to build bubble bursting decision skills in four key areas:

  • Knowledge - of alternative contexts and worldviews

  • Reflexivity - critically examine our own values and beliefs

  • Motivation - to embrace nuance and complexity 

  • Explore alternative strategies and solutions for achieving commercial and social impact  (e.g. generations, sustainability etc.)

Who will benefit


This workshop is designed for marketers, strategists, planners and insight professionals at all levels.  

Workshop delivery


3hr workshop delivered online or face to face depending on your requirements. 

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