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Listen to Ian & Andrew on the CTA podcast

We had a great time chatting to Giles Edwards on his legendary podcast. We discussed a whole host of topics including:

📣 Our first jobs and getting into research

📣 Why we shouldn’t trust gut instinct

📣 Debunking the ‘London bubble'

📣 Spotting crap research

📣 Monkeys, bananas & pandas

📣 Banning the word ‘insight'

📣 Whether the industry is left leaning & loads more

Here's a taster from Ian, “Frankly, you’re lucky if you have a handful of decent insights in your career. And the idea that you can churn out half a dozen by lunchtime is a really debilitating way to work.”

Available on all good and bad podcast platforms, and on ...Gasp!'s site.

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