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Stop being W.E.I.R.D

The marketing industry has become addicted to WEIRD science. WEIRD stands for (western, educated, industrial, rich and democratic) and it describes the unrepresentative research practices that have driven many of the greatest hits of behavioural science and nudge theory for decades.

Basing your strategy on experiments conducted with a handful of Ivy League students in the 1960’s no longer cuts it in an industry that claims to be focused on building fairer and more inclusive societies. So, If your playbook for applying behavioural insights and designing change interventions begins and ends with a big list of behavioural biases then quite simply, you are limiting the potential of your work and your opportunities to create impact.  

At Burst Your Bubble we talk about the stuff the blockbuster popular science and marketing books rarely mention:


  • 95% of studies in leading psychology journals focus exclusively on WEIRD samples and populations

  • There is a replication crisis in psychology where only 1 in 3 of the most famous studies can be reproduced

  • Low effectiveness in nudging and behavioural interventions where average impacts are only 1% better than control (i.e. doing nothing)

  • A narrow and often ideological obsession with the ‘I Frame’ (i.e. holding individuals responsible for change) that reinforces the political and economic status quo and neglects the role of systemic factors and cultural and historical contexts in shaping peoples experiences and opportunities.          


By exploring heterodox thinking from various disciplines (including critical psychology, postcolonial and MAD studies all the way to how they are making rocket science more diverse at NASA) our goal is to open your thinking, equip you to move beyond rote applications of the behavioural science canon and engage with diverse possibilities for inclusive behaviour change.  

Learning outcomes


The aim of this workshop is to apply the principles of open thinking to behavioural science:

  • Develop critical skills in identifying WEIRD behavioural insights and interventions

  • Build confidence in sourcing, applying and commissioning inclusive science and academic evidence that is compatible with the principles of open thinking:

  • openness to multiple perspectives,

  • openness to new learning and sources of information,

  • openness to new collaborations,

  • openness to sharing,

  • openness to change,

  • and openness to diversity and inclusion

Who will benefit


This workshop is designed for marketers, strategists, planners and insight professionals at all levels.  

Workshop delivery


3hr workshop delivered online or face to face depending on your requirements. 

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