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A process for behavioural change 

​At Burst Your Bubble, we approach 'getting real' as a process of behaviour change. 


But we don't believe that 'getting real' depends on marketers and comms professionals personally feeling and experiencing an insight i.e. that any given social phenomenon, attitude or behaviour needs to personally manifest through our direct experience and performed especially for us before it becomes worthy of our attention. Real life is all around wherever we work and play if only we'd care to look!


Powered by the art and science of perspective taking, we work with businesses to:


  • Confront their biases

  • Explore how they can get better at understanding the audiences they seek to influence 

  • Provide the tools to achieve commercial and social goals 


Our unique training programme focuses on building capacity in three key areas:


Of diverse contexts and worldviews 


The ability to critically examine our own worldview 


Embrace nuance and complexity 

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