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EssenceMediacom UK and Burst Your Bubble launch updated Signalling Success 

January 9th 2024

Our new research for EssenceMediacom launched this week. Following up on a 2020 study by Thinkbox, the work investigates the effect advertising channel choice has on brand perception.


The study uses a fake brand (TIXE) and a generic description of the service it offers to isolate the effect of the media channel choice on consumer perception of the brand.


Across nine channels in the study, there is clear evidence to show that your media channel choice affects the way consumers perceive product or service quality, your company’s confidence in itself and its financial means, likely success, popularity and favourability with other people in society.


Ultimately, our research found that your media channel choice informs how much trust people will have in the claims you make. Signalling now makes up the Y axis on EsssenceMediacom's brilliant holistic view of the media landscape. 

Read more here: and here:

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