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Research for open thinkers

The marketing and advertising industry is about understanding people and culture. Not only does research play a huge role in driving this understanding, it is often used for commercial advantage. 

The industry is awash with more research than ever, and the democratisation of data is full of opportunity but also fraught with risk. With the pressure to use data and insight to underpin strategic decision making - the increased number of 'insights' and easy access to the consumer should be a marketers' dream.


At Burst Your Bubble, we believe that the obsession with 'insight' and 'the new' means we're limiting the power of research to drive effective decision making. Many studies are conducted without the necessary research expertise, are mostly agenda-driven, and often seek to reinforce the current orthodoxy of thought within the industry at any given time. 

Of course most of us don't have the time or research expertise to interrogate the intricacies of what's being put in front of us. We are also slaves to our biases. If research supports our point of view, we have little appetite to challenge it. If it doesn't, we can easily dismiss it without the proper interrogation. 


But this doesn’t let us off the hook. We all have a role to play in stopping the normalisation of bad research! It’s not all doom and gloom though. If we acknowledge that utilising good research leads to better outcomes, it’s in all of our interests to make sure we can identify the good from the bad. 

Learning outcomes


The workshop will give you a simple, usable framework for assessing and using research:

  • Building your research confidence

  • Giving you a whole new perspective on research - its uses and abuses! 

  • Building your capacity to critically assess research quality 

  • Focusing on 'understanding' not 'insight' 

  • Enabling you to make better business decisions  

Who will benefit


This workshop is designed for the end user of research at all levels. 

Workshop delivery


3hr workshop delivered online or face to face depending on your requirements. 

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